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March 2016

A Year in Review

Lessons Learned In My First Year as a Microsoft IT Pro Tools Partner for Skype for Business Matt Christopher, VP Customer Experience, Nectar Looking Back As I was on the 5 hour flight home from Orlando, digging out of my e-mail inbox after 3 days at Enterprise Connect, I began to reflect on the past

February 2016

A CIO’s Flexibility is an IT Pro’s Complexity

Could SDN Help Reduce Some Complexity Of A UC Deployment? Matt Christopher February 24, 2016 A Brief History of Enterprise Voice Through the last few decades of the 20th century, traditional TDM PBX’s, for the most part, were easy enough to troubleshoot and maintain.  When there was an issue, it was either the phone, the

December 2015

Knowing Where to Place the Chalk

How collecting, correlating, and surfacing the proper data identifies and solves issues faster Matt Christopher December 15, 2015 Cheesy Business School Anecdote There is an old business school anecdote about a gentleman, we’ll call him Nick Tar, who retired after working at the same factory for decades. No one knew the assembly line or machinery

November 2015

What’s In A Name? A Rose By Any Other Name Would Still be Microsoft UC

My Love Language As someone who writes a lot, I have a certain love and appreciation for words. Words should paint a picture, they should flow, and they should also fit nicely on a page.   When companies change their product names, they change the words.  I do not think Microsoft considered the impact it would

October 2015

This Goes to 11: 4 More Skype for Business Deployment Gotchas to Avoid

Standing on the Shoulders Of A UC Editor and Calling Myself Tall Today, I was reading Beth Shultz’s recent No Jitter article, 7 Skype for Business Deployment Gotchas to Avoid. I believe that Beth and the panelists she cited were spot on with their assessment of some key areas overlooked in UC deployments. Here is

August 2015

Churchill Said It Best…

Churchill Said it Best… Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Reporting Can Ensure UC Presents Well Matt Christopher August 31, 2015 Confessions of A UC Blogger I am a shameless Microsoft UC apologist. I have been involved with Microsoft UC since LCS. I have always been an early adopter and have advocated for Microsoft UC for over a

July 2015

Hindsight May be 20/20, But Let’s Keep the Horses in the Barn – Part Two

Hindsight May be 20/20, But Let’s Keep the Horses in the Barn – Part Two The Significance of Proactive Monitoring to Minimize Negative User Impact and Optimize User Satisfaction Matt Christopher July 29, 2015 In our last blog post, we detailed the nightmare of trying to reduce user frustration with quick resolution of issues within